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Prestige Low Surface Temperature Towel Warmer Curved White

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Warranty: 15 Years
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  • Ideal for care homes or where low surface temperatures are essential
  • Choice of left or right hand side element installation
  • Thermostatic element sizes: 200W, 400W and 800W
  • Low standby power consumption
  • Double overheating protection
  • IPX5 suitable for zone two bathrooms



    The MOA White low surface temperature towel rails are recommended for use in care homes, hospitals, rented accommodation or anywhere that the general public may come in to direct contact with a heated towel rail. Turning on the MOA element will warm the towel radiator up to the pre-set temperature of approximately 43C. On the control panel the blue LED lights up to indicate the current (ON) status of the element. The element will automatically turn itself off until the temperature drops below 43C, and will continue to operate thermostatically.

    The MOA also has a timer function button, this will activate the 2 hour timer function and automatically turns itself off after 2 hours. The timer mode is indicated with a red LED light. Pressing the timer mode again will deactivate the timer function and revert back to the standard heating mode blue LED. Automatic

    The MOA also has an antifreeze function, as long as the element is connected to the mains supply the temperature sensor continues to control heating at medium temperature. This means that the antifreeze function remains active when the heater is turned off. As soon as the temperature around the sensor drops below 6ºC the MOA will switch itself on and prevent the heating medium from freezing!

  • Ideal for care homes or where low surface temperatures are essential
  • Stylish low surface temperature thermostatic element pre-set to 43C!
  • Antifreeze function protects against radiator temperature falling below 6ºC
  • Element can be left switched on permanently @ low cost heating!
  • Available widths: 400, 450, 500 & 600 mm
  • Available heights: 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 & 1800 mm
  • Low standby power consumption
  • Double overheating protection
  • IPX5 suitable for zone two bathrooms
  • 2 hour timer function
  • Colour match power cable
  • Outputs: 200W, 400W and 800W
  • ½” BSP element fittings

Additional Information

Power (kW)No


CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)(BTUs) & (W)Element (W)Tube Size (mm)
ZTK080400-1220158004001085 / 31820025
ZTK080450-1220158004501218 / 35720025
ZTK080500-1220158005001355 / 39720025
ZTK080600-1220158006001627 / 47720025


CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)(BTUs) & (W)Element (W)Tube Size (mm)
ZTK012400-12201512004001563 / 45820025
ZTK012450-12201512004501757 / 51520025
ZTK012500-12201512005001952 / 57230025
ZTK012600-12201512006002344 / 68730025


CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)(BTUs) & (W)Element (W)Tube Size (mm)
ZTK015400-12201615004001979 / 58040025
ZTK015450-12201615004502228 / 65340025
ZTK015500-12201615005002474 / 72540025
ZTK015600-12201615006002969 / 87040025


CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)(BTUs) & (W)Element (W)Tube Size (mm)
ZTK018400-12201618004002412 / 70740025
ZTK018450-12201618004502712 / 79540025
ZTK018500-12201718005003013 / 88360025
ZTK018600-12201718006003617 / 106060025


View FileCare and Maintenance    Size: (181.28 KB)
View File600 Curved White CAD    Size: (103.52 KB)
View File700 Curved White CAD    Size: (104.81 KB)
View File800 Curved White CAD    Size: (105.52 KB)
View File900 Curved White CAD    Size: (105.44 KB)
View File1000 Curved White CAD    Size: (105.38 KB)
View File1200 Curved White CAD    Size: (107.64 KB)
View File1400 Curved Whitee CAD    Size: (108.12 KB)
View File1600 Curved White CAD    Size: (105.44 KB)
View File1800 Curved White CAD    Size: (105.97 KB)
View FileLST Manual 2017    Size: (468.49 KB)
View FileLST Certification    Size: (188.25 KB)
View FileLow Surface Temperature Test    Size: (151.05 KB)

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