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Water Heaters

The Perfect Water Heater Choice 

Water heaters can help provide hot water instantly for your family. There are various heating systems available depending on the property's requirements to dispense hot water on demand, and we have all types of them here. So if you are looking for a power-saving one; If cost is an object, or if appearance is what you are looking for, we have solutions for your everyday hot water needs. 

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are bridged to mains supply through an electric cable; therefore, it is energy efficient as it consumes less power than gas-powered ones.

Readily providing hot water for everything from baths to washing machines, our hot water heaters are reliable and energy-efficient. Without gas, electric water heaters are environmentally friendly and have no unsightly pipes or vents—a few different types depending on your needs. We have storage tank models that only require the initial heating of the tank, heaters that allow you to draw hot water from one tank while another is replenishing its heat, and instantaneous water models that operate much like regular boilers. Our products can be found in residential areas and commercial sites, including offices, schools, workshops and hospitals, and hotels and holiday parks.

Our selection of water heaters is an extensive one. We give you the highest quality with several types to choose from. Sizing, mounting options and pump options are all things to consider before you buy. We offer unique choices like our drinking water models to meet your heating water requirements.

You'll find water heaters for just about every situation. From residential to commercial applications, customers can find all product lines used in their homes and businesses. There are instant, over and under sinks, vented and unvented water heaters to choose from depending on your needs. CNM also features a drain-free system that requires more miniature workspace under the sink. This equipment is perfect for keeping instant hot water at your fingertips.

Our line of products is made of durable construction materials for added longevity. They come with a standard deep drawn copper/carbon steel heat exchanger that gives them long-lasting performance and meets emission limits and lead content regulations. With high efficiency and low emission rates, these heaters save on energy costs and minimise greenhouse gases while giving you amounts of hot water for your daily needs.


CNM Water Heaters are an economical and efficient way of heating water in domestic and commercial buildings. We use the latest gas pressure reducing technology (75%) to ensure energy efficiency and safety. This is combined with internally enhanced multi-layer, high-temperature insulation and multi-chamber construction for longer life.

CNM provides a flexible heating solution that can be used as a backup or replace an existing system. They are available in options like over sinkvented, and other versions to choose from. Our legacy is specifically aimed to replace conventional immersion heaters, giving users the convenience of having a central heating system and the option of using it as a convenient domestic hot water from your cold mains water supply. We have all the options suited to multi-storey properties, apartments, offices and all other residential and commercial places where space is at a premium.

Instant Hot Water

Our Instantaneous Heaters bring you instant hot water, even in areas where electricity is less reliable. They heat water faster than traditional systems, and they’re built to last. Best of all, they offer you energy-efficient performance and excellent reliability ─ so you can trust that your water will be hot when you need it. You get a dependable water heater that heats the water instantly and doesn’t keep you waiting. 

Overall Complete Solution

CNM is a well-known brand in the water heater field. We bring powerful electric water heaters to you, which can be used at home to serve your family needs. CNM water heaters are efficient and break-free, making them a good option for a variety of applications. Their compact design and lightweight make it easier to install these water heaters in a limited space.

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  1. Zip Electronic Instantaneous Water Heater 11kW DEX12
    Zip Electronic Instantaneous Water Heater 11kW
    £598.80 £499.00
  2. Microboil Diaphragm for tap assembly
    Microboil Diaphragm for tap assembly
    £16.80 £14.00
  3. Hydro+ GAC/Scale Inhibitor Water Filter
    Hydro+ GAC/Scale Inhibitor Water Filter
    £11.99 £9.99
  4. Burco Hand Wash Mobile Unit 10 Litres 5011832019158
    Burco Hand Wash Mobile Unit 10 Litres
    £783.60 £653.00
  5. Swan Catering Urn 8 L
    Swan Catering Urns Various Sizes
    £69.60 £58.00
  6. Zip Econoboil White
    Zip Econoboil White Water Heater 3 and 5ltrs
    £818.40 £682.00
  7. Zip Varipoint ll Deluxe Undersink Water Heater
    Zip Varipoint ll Unvented Undersink Water Heater
    £454.80 £379.00
  8. Stiebel Eltron Undersink Water Heater Unvented
    Stiebel Eltron Undersink Water Heater Unvented
    £468.00 £390.00
  9. Zip Varipoint ll Deluxe Oversink Water Heater 2.2kW - Side
    Zip Varipoint ll Unvented Oversink Water Heater
    £454.80 £379.00
  10. Zip Hydroboil Replacement Tap
    Zip Hydroboil Replacement Tap
    £52.80 £44.00
  11. Stiebel-Eltron Instantaneous Water Heater
    Stiebel Eltron Instantaneous Water Heaters
    £360.00 £300.00
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